Friends Creek Anglers (FCA) Annual Meeting, March 11, 2016 Metropolitan Club

The Association held its annual luncheon and meeting at the Metropolitan Club on Friday, March 11, 2015, presided over by Stephen Day. Present were: Nancy and Myron Randall, Tom Amis, Gay Barclay, Michael Brittin, Chuck Busick, Michael Callison, Nancy English, Stuart Gerson, Betsy Holleman, Edward Hull, Tom Humphrey, John Irving, John Irving IV, John Lange and his guest, Bill Leahy, Malcolm Lovell, David Luthringer, Jenks Middleton, Noel and Terry Miller, Max Reid, Barry Rogstad, Dave Roll, Whitney Stewart and Lynda Webster

Stephen Day reviewed the agenda; thanked Nancy and Myron for everything they do for the Association; Stuart Gerson for arranging the room for the luncheon; Nancy English for taking the minutes; Edward Hull for his stocking efforts; and Barry Rogstad for keeping the club in good financial order. A membership list was circulated to confirm details. Guests were then introduced. John Lange introduced his guest, Bill Leahy, a conservationist, involved in the Big Sur Land Trust and Trout Unlimited, and is the next Director of the Maryland Environmental Trust. Bill grew up in DC and owns property in Blue Ridge Summit. After due discussion, and appropriate letters of recommendation, he was voted in unanimously.

“State of the Stream report”: Ken Woodcock commented on the task force that looked into stream modifications two years ago, noting that it would have been very expensive to modify. It had been suggested that branches be cut back and boulders should not be moved. Ken advised selectively ignoring that advice. He felt “we should use what we have and enjoy.” He noted that there was good flow and clear water. Tom Hogan commented that moving rocks as needed on Dam Day does help, even if they should wash out. Myron Randall stated that there was no major tree work needed.

Stocking: Edward Hull reported that John Irving and Michael Brittin had cleared the Alder and Nutshell pools of fallen trees, and that club members are most grateful. Edward prefers stocking five or six times a year when there is adequate flow, typically commencing in February (with two stockings to date, for a total of 250 fish). The plan is to stock ~100 Brook trout soon. Last year’s total stocking was ~500 trout.

Treasurer’s Report and other Property Matters: Nancy Randall reported that there were some security issues on the property. The main house was broken into last year, though no vandalism. The Farm House was recently broken into and some bedding and beer were taken. Nancy further commented that the Randalls photograph dubious car license plates. She urged members to ensure that the entrance cable is always locked, to avoid theft. The water in the Nutshell is currently turned off and is usually turned on mid-April. A plumber will check the septic holding tank (an alarm goes off when the tank is close to its limit). The barn has been newly painted. Myron Randall noted that there are cameras pointed toward the main house, and another near Max’s old house. He also commented that he has seen considerable wildlife.

Nutshell: Myron Randall reported that Nutshell is in good shape. The holding tank is still empty. His family had found a black widow spider and copperheads. Myron has a trail camera which has captured images of deer, raccoons, coyotes, and herons.

Membership:Gay Barclay reported on the current status of FCA membership, commenting that the plan is to keep residential membership at around 40, with a small number of non-res. and honorary members.

Dam Day:Dam Day is Sunday May 15th commencing around 11AM. Last year’s attendance was disappointingly low. Hopefully this year will be better attended. Joanne Wilson kindly agreed to be the prime organizer, and will contact members regarding what to bring, etc. Please volunteer to help her.

Website:Stephen Day asked that members please use our web site to record catches, state of the stream, etc., since there is no longer any log book. The user name is AnglerAdmin (case sensitive) and password is 1776 backwards - same as the lock on the gate and nutshell.

50th anniversary: Gay Barclay and Chuck Busick are co-chairs for our upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration, to be held Saturday, October 15 at the Old Anglers’ Inn. Whitney Stewart and Betsey Holloman are also helping. The FCA treasury plans a $60/person subsidy. All would love to hear stories especially from early members, plus pictures and wild fishing exploits on the stream. This event will include members and spouses, and will be black tie optional (Stephen suggested black tie and waders for the fully committed!). Cocktails will be served before dinner, with a 60-70 planned attendance. Details will follow.

“Healing Waters”: Barry Rogstad reported that “Healing Waters” is a trout group limited to veterans, and are seeking contributions from those interested.

The luncheon meeting was adjourned shortly after 2PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy English


Date Event Info
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